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                About Us




                We are exploring our sales network and attend the International Exhibition following our marketing strategy, the fair like India Stona- Brazil Vitoria-China Xiamen-Russia Mosco-China Shuitou.
                We keep Advanced Technology and High Quality; as our aim,Moreover,our company dare innovate and develop,and invite the high quality engineers and own a group of strong team with modern technology.By the effort of the whole stuff,we have developed a range of &#8220;Xianda; Brand special shape stone processing machineries which is with good quality,new style,reasonable structure,and sold well around China as well as in South Korean and Southeast Asiaetc,It receives high opinions from customers.
                With rapid development, we have attained ISO9001 certification and won many honorary titles, including International Gold Plant Quality Award, China construction recommend building materials production enterprises. Our company is located in the rapidly developing overseas Chinese hometown;Quanzhou Anhai Cultural and Historial Town,with convenience transportation,by the well-know Wuli Bridge which was named No a bridge is longer than Wuli.
                Fujian Jinjiang Xianda Machinery Co.,Ltd was established in 1985 and covers an area of 20,000 Square meters. We are dedicated to the development and production of a series of column making machine, stone machine, wire saw stone cutting machine, block trimming machine, Infrared bridge saw ,profiling stone machine.